No 'Mile Of Christmas Magic' At Magic Valley Mall This Year


By Jay Michaels

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Some Christmas traditions last for years, while others fizzle out after while. But there are some years when we have too much to do to get ready for the holidays.

It's the time of year when all of us enjoy both the sights and sounds of Christmas. For the past three years, the “Mile of Christmas Magic” display at the Magic Valley Mall has been very popular. Unfortunately, the mile long display won't go up this year.

A spokesman didn't say why the mall isn't doing the “Mile of Christmas Magic” this year.

Local resident Kim Kokx says, "That's a shame that in a year we've got a lot of budget cuts in other areas, it's a shame that had to take a back seat as well."

The management of Magic Valley Mall issued the following statement. "After three successful years of bringing the joys of the season to the Magic Valley with the Mile of Christmas Magic light display at Magic Valley Mall, we will forgo the display this year. The Mile will return in the future and hopefully for years to come. We would like to thank the community and partners who enjoyed and made the Mile possible, and we look forward to sharing the display in the future."

Putting together a display like the “Mile of Christmas Magic” is a big job, and requires lots of work from people coordinating things behind the scenes, as well as just setting up the display. While most people probably won't overreact, there are bound to be a few who do, like these two actresses from a local performing arts high school.

One girl says, "There's not going to be any lights at the mall this year? (Girls pretend to cry.) Is that okay?"

Let me clarify. Chances are good that the stores at the mall will have plenty of lights and decorations. It's just that the “Mile of Christmas Magic” is taking a break this year. But the Magic Valley Mall hopes to bring the display back sometime in the future.

Nov. 29, 2012.

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