No Strings Attached


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They raise them, show them, and then sell them.
4–H and FFA is a year round club.
Learning how to take care of an animal, show responsibility, and then take them into the ring to win that coveted Grand Champion title is all in the name of the game.
But what happens when it's all over; when the fair lights come down, the carnival packs up the rides, and the last of the cotton candy is spun?
That's when the bidding begins.
When entering the sale ring however, there's no time to think about goodbyes.

"I need to make this animal look as amazing as possible.
I need to make sure her head's up so they can get a good view of her chest.
I need to make sure that they see her front and a back view as well as both profiles and make sure that it's visible from all three sides,” said Raleigh Bell.

Although they go into the ring with high hopes for high dollars, it's never easy to sell.
"I'm really going to miss them, but not so much that I am going to cry over them.
I think all of us spend time with our pigs in the barn.
Sometimes we sleep with our pigs, we take naps in there, we spend time with them.
They do become our friends and that's why we cry,” Raleigh Bell said.
However for others unlike Raleigh, letting go is somewhat easy.

“I know this sounds horrible but I am kind of excited.
My steer is really mean to me, he kicks me all the time, and steps on my feet.
You can either have a really good steer or you can have a really mean one, and I got a really mean one for my first year.
I'm sure I'll have emotion afterwards, because I will just miss his presence but over all I'm not that sad about it," said Steer seller Alex Kelly.
While many of us can't wait until next year for the 99th Annual Twin Falls County Fair, Alex says she's having a hard time thinking about what's waiting for her around the corner just 24 hours from now.
"Uh I have school tomorrow so that's all I can think about right now, but I am going to miss fair. It was a lot of fun this year," said Kelly.

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