Oakley Students Focus On Kindness


By Jay Michaels

Oakley, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Students at Oakley Junior-Senior High School want to give each other a helping hand…

Through an effort called 'Operation Kindness.'

The idea behind it is simple.

The posters and t-shirts read 'I am O.K.'…

Which stands for 'Operation Kindness.'

Instead of concentrating on problems like bullying or poor sportsmanship…

The students in Oakley are coming up with solutions.

That includes finding ways to be kind and positive to other people.

“Treat them how you'd want to be treated; we had some ideas like leaving a nice note for somebody somewhere. Or noticing someone is having a bad day and giving them some cookies or something like that,” explains 10th grader Jessica Arnelle.

“I think it'll kind of become a habit. People, the kinder they are, the more likely they'll be kind,” adds Jayci Hawker, also in 10th grade.

The campaign will last for the rest of the school year.

Next month, they'll have the '12 Days of Kindness' in Oakley.

School counselor Matt Mallory explains the students will learn the value of being nice to other people.

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