On The Farm: Part One


By Rachel Holt

Twin Falls County, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) The Twin Falls County Fair is more than a month away, but 4-H members have been getting ready for months.

Rachel Holt takes us behind the scenes in part one of the series "On the Farm".

Today we're at Stastny Family Farm to learn all about the hard work that goes into raising a pig for the county fair and, trust me, this isn't easy stuff. Let's go check it out.

They're messy, they're smelly, and they love to eat.

But for this family, pigs have always been a part of every day life.

“My dad raised pigs when he was in high school. Pigs seemed like a natural fit; we knew what we were doing with pigs," Travis Stastny, the father, explains.

You don't have to listen to sixteen year old Jentrie for long to know this is true.

"You want a pig that's structurally sound, but they also have to have decent muscle. The muscle is the most important part, but it also has to have a decent finish," Jentrie says.

Last year, she won Grand Champion FFA Showman, and this year she hopes to defend her title.

But as a seasoned fair-goer, she knows you can never predict what will happen.

"You can never tell how your pig is going to act in the ring. Sometimes when it gets around other pigs, it’s tough," Jentrie explains.

Regardless of how her pig acts, she hopes in the end her hard work will pay off.

She puts the money she raises each year toward college.

"Each year, my pig has sold around 3 dollars and 30 cents per pound, and when its a 260 pound pig – that’s quite a lot of money," Jentrie says.

“It’s good that they can see that in there, and they know what it’s for and that they’ve worked for it," Travis adds.

But until then, Jentrie walks, shaves, and feeds her animal.

All five kids in the Statsney family have competed in 4-H.

This year will be Jentrie's eighth year.

The Twin Falls County Fair begins August 27th.

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