From Hero To Zero; A Look At Performance-Enhancing Drugs


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV) Once heroes, turned disgraced sports figures. Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and more recently Lance Armstrong. But the concept of athletes using performance enhancing drugs isn't just limited to the pro's.

Many athletes these days live by three words...bigger, faster, stronger. But reaching a high level of competition can come with a price.

Former College of Southern Idaho baseball player Billy Bob Ward was sentenced earlier this month for selling steroids. Since then, the college implemented steroid testing.

But according to basketball coach Steve Gosar, it's a not problem facing the team.

Gosar says, "not so much in basketball. I think we see basketball players trying in the off–season trying to build a little muscle mass with some creatine, but very little."

CSI is one of the few NJCAA schools to test for drugs.

But what Gosar focuses on with his team, is time in the weight room.

"Trying to build muscles mass, get their bodies stronger and to help them because better athletes, be able to jump higher, run faster, jump quicker," he adds.

For those looking to bulk up the legal way, there are always supplements.

Cody Brennan, Complete Nutrition says, "what we're trying to do is set up the sports and professional organizing bodies to where everybody is following the rules, nobody is taking they're not supposed to be, just so you can really iron down who's really performing and who's not."

There are some mis–conceptions about what the products do.

"Creatine for example, in all of its forms all it does is help your muscle cells have more energy for longer and that's it," adds Brennan.

Being competitive, without breaking the rules.

The CSI Athletic Director explains that testing for steroids is costly. You could pay 65 dollars for a test, but to confirm the results, it reaches 300.

While testing for common street drugs costs 12 dollars a test and 80 to confirm.

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