One Barber Is Keeping The "Mans" Haircut Alive In Twin Falls


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) As our country continues to grow, those old fashioned American staples are becoming more and more a thing of the past.

One in specific… the man’s barber shop.

In times past, men would congregate in these shops, talk about the news of the day and get a haircut.

But as the years past, that tradition has seemed to fall the way of soda shops and sock hops.

But one barber in Twin Falls is doing his part in trying to keep that tradition alive.

Lynn Lee has been cutting hair in the Twin Falls area since the year 1962.

Over that 51 year period Lee has seen the number of barber shop In Twin Falls drop from around 20 to only handful in 2013.

In that time, Lee can only think of two factors that explains his longevity in the business

“I’ll tell you what… I’m still working on guys from that first barber shop. I think it’s just being friendly and doing the best you can. I think that goes across the board for any business”

Along with his son Scott, Lee has been going strong at his shop “The Wildroot” since the early 1980s.

Unlike the new aged style salons, the “Wildroot” is all about the affordable walk-in.

“Like in 62 nobody took appointments. A walk-in trade just figures it’s going to be 15 to 20 minutes and I’m goanna be in that seat.”

The clientele that typically sits down in lee’s seat are men who have consistently repeated business over the years.

“Very few kids under 12… very few. Probably the majority are over 50.”

This small barber shop also prides itself on their prices.

For a minimal fee you can sit down… get a haircut… and only find yourself paying flat fee of $11.

“When I started cutting hair they were a dollar and a half. I’ve been accused of going up a dollar a year but I’m not at $50.”

So when asked if he could go back and do it all over again… Lee had only one reaction.

“I’ve enjoyed it over the years… it beats trimming trees like when i was a young guy.”

The Wildroot in located at 228 Blue Lakes South in Twin Falls.

They are open Tuesday through Saturdays from 8 in the morning to around 5 in the afternoon.

And of course... walk–ins are always welcomed.

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