Pal Day: Final Day At The Fair


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Every year the final day of the fair means one thing... KMVT/FOX 14 Pal Day.

Typically fair–goers are spending up to 30 dollars a day to ride all of the rides.

But on pal day, that price is cut in half.

Joey Martin for Idaho's First News takes a look at just how this 2 for 1 kind of day really helps out.

Have you guys been out to the fair at all this week?

"No... no... we've been waiting for the good prices."

"We've been waiting for today."
Said Zach Herrion and Aleksander.

KMVT/FOX 14 Pal Day is designed for you and your pal who just plain love to ride as many rides as you can.

What's your favorite ride?

""Super Shot!... the Pirate Ship!."
Said Caitlyn and Kaitlyn.

"Probably the zipper."
Said Andrew Stocich

"I got to say the Moby–dick."
Said his brother, Shaun Stosich.

On Pal Day, fair goers were able to purchase an unlimited ride pass for the low price of 15 dollars.

And if you have two kids, that's the best 2 for one deal you can find out here at the fair.

Because typically you’re spending close to or even over 30 dollars per kid every day.

And for mom and dad, pal day is a big help when it comes to budgeting for the fair.

"I think is pretty nice because two kids get to ride almost for the price of one."
Said Grandmother, Lisa Graham.

"well I have 4 kids so it makes it's a lot easier... a lot cheaper because they get to come and have the same amount of fun. We wait for this day every year."
Said Mother, Tiffany Maxfield.

And even the kids can appreciate the good deal.

"I like it!"

"I like it too!"

"It's pretty sweet, you buy two for 30 bucks instead of one for 30."
Said Shaun Stosich.

"I think it's pretty cool because it's like buy on get one free... like half price. So you and your buddy can come and ride all of the rides."
Said Andrew Stosich.

"The only default is all of the lines and how long they are."
Said Aleksander.

Closing out this year’s Twin Falls County Fair.

And giving fair–goers all the fun they can handle.

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