Panther Buddies at Carey School


By KMVT News

It's called the panther buddy system...

Varsity basketball players are paired up with third and fourth graders in an effort to mentor the young children.

"Well we try to get to know each other first and then we ask questions like what's your favorite color and food, or candy bar and it's mainly to see what responses they give you."

Richaela Peck is one of twelve 4th grade girls that is involved with the panther buddy program at Carey school.

Principal John Peck, believes this program not only helps the younger students... But the high school students as well.

"We kinda use it as a mentoring program. The 3rd and 4th grade students look to older students as role models and that also plays for the older students to be good role models."

The program has been a tradition for the past decade...

Which means some of this year's varsity players... Were on the other end ten years ago.

The kids write letters weekly to their high school buddy... And some receive more than just notes such as big bags of candy and home made t–shirts.

Recently the high school students and their buddies had lunch and played during their gym and recess time.

Teachers think the program allows the younger students to gain confidence among other things.

"I think it helps them be more aware of the high school girls and know that just because there older it's not scary to talk to them and that they can have a friend and a good mentor and give them something to feel confident and special."

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