Paranormal Investigations Part II: Stricker Homesite


By Brian Neudorff

Kimberly, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Ever heard or seen things you couldn't explain or do you think your house may be haunted? Ghost hunting and paranormal research isn't left to those on television. There are real paranormal teams right here in the Magic Valley that investigate local business and homes to help explain why some things go bump in the night.

An investigation starts by setting up the equipment around the house. Using security cameras positioned in every room and a digital recorder the team will monitor and record audio and video during the seven hour investigation.

"With the digital recorder, we'll be picking up what's called EVP which is electronic voice phenomenon. What that basically is is if a spirit is trying to communicate with us we'll know through that and it'll record it" adds Jake McCullough, S.N.A.P.T.

Using hand held instruments, like an EMF detector that measures the surrounding electromagnetic field as well as using thermometers for changes in temperatures can help investigators detect unusal changes in energy. Any abnormal changes in emf or temperature could mean the presence of something paranormal.

Lindsey Rainwater, S.N.A.P.T. says, "every investigation is different. Sometimes you will catch absolutely nothing it really doesn't mean there's nothing there and other investigations you walk in and you start getting evidence all over the place and there's really no telling.

"We always go in with a completely blank slate just because you don't want to go in thinking that it's haunted and then nothing happens and then you're disappointed or go in not thinking somethings gonna happen and then get scared or get too excited and make too much noise and getting freaked out," adds McCullough.

They also walk through out the house and the grounds out side taking photos as well documenting any personal and unexplained experiences anyone has.

Dani Ochsner, Great-Great Grandaughter of Lucy Stricker says, "Well, at first I wasn't really sure because I didn't know if my grandmother is around, if she would appreciate people coming in at night, kinda probing. But, I think it’s really cool. I've had a blast doing it. There are believers and there are non believers and for those believers I just think it’s a really cool thing. "

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