Parking At The Twin Falls County Fair


By KMVT News

Filer, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Vendors are setting up and rides are being assembled, that means Twin Falls County Fair is set to get underway.

And with the start of the fair, parking is always high on the propriety list.

Joey Martin for Idaho’s First News takes a look at who’s in charge of getting the cars to where they need to be.

For 50 years, the Twin Falls Lions Club has been the masterminds behind getting cars to where they need to be.

And this year, the lions are ready and waiting to get started.

"There will be between 80 to 90,000 come through the gates over the next 6 days."
Said Fair Manager, John Pitz.

With that many fair goers making their way to filer, getting them out of their cars to enjoy the fun is a huge responsibility.

And it's a responsibility that the Twin Falls Lions are happy to handle.

"People do volunteer, but we can always use more help. More hands make the work much easier."
Said Donald Rahe with the Twin Falls Lions Club.

With the volunteers they do have, the lions have the parking situation down to a simple science.

And it all starts with the two main parking gates.

"There's two entrances... the one were standing at right here off of Fair view Avenue or they can enter off of the highway. There will be a Lion at the gate directing where to go and there will also be Lions in the lanes directing them to park."
Said Rahe.

For anyone that has been out to the fair, especially on the weekends, the lots become so full that you might not be accommodated.

But the fair–board has a plan for just that.

"Basically it's pretty easy parking out here. We've got overflow parking to the east on the alfalfa fields if the main lot fills up. And then we've got shuttles that run the parking lot once we get parked out about mid–way then we start running shuttles to get people a ride to the gates."
Said Pitz.

One problem these parking lions see on a yearly basis that has the potential to slow things down... Is overcrowding.

But doing this for a half of a century has given these community volunteers the know–how needed to keep the traffic moving.

"When it's crowded, that will be Saturday evening – late afternoon and Sunday late afternoon... it may require a little bit of patience, I tell the fair captains that are parking each day... as long as they keep the traffic moving, we'll be happy."
Said Rahe.

Keeping the parking organized so that the 6 days of the fair go off without a hitch.

Like every year, parking for the fair is free of charge.

The fair will kick off Wednesday morning,

With gates opening up at 7, fair buildings open at 10 and the carnival gets underway at 3.

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