Pharmacy Robberies Being Investigated


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) In two weeks, police say two Twin Falls pharmacies were robbed.

The most recent one happened Sunday at Shopko.

Police are still investigating these robberies.

Robberies at banks and cash loan businesses have made local headlines over the last several years, but not pharmacies.

"People get desperate and do desperate things to get the pills they need," says Brian Maughan.

Maughan is a detective at the Twin Falls Police Department.

Over the last four years at the position, he's seen his share of criminal activity, but pharmacy robberies… not so much.

"I think here locally, it's very new, but it has been for the last couple of years a real trend around the nation...kind of a trend in narcotics is pills," he explains.

The first robbery this month occurred at Kmart on the 10th.

Police say the armed man handed the pharmacist a note demanding prescription drugs and cash.

The suspect's car has a 4C license plate.

Police say the Shopko robbery suspect handed a note over to the pharmacist demanding prescription drugs or he would shoot. It's unknown, though, if he had a gun.

"The pharmacist did a very good job. She provided him with what he asked for, did not attempt to apprehend or anything like that. And that's what we recommend to not do that; give them what they want and get out of the store," Maughan points out.

The suspect's description in the Shopko robbery… a man with long hair wearing polka dot sunglasses, according to city officials.

Shandra Kissinger works at Tony's 2T Auto, a business in the same parking lot as Kmart.

She's not surprised by these crimes.

"It's a growing town. Twin Falls is growing, businesses are popping up. It's to be expected, but it's unfortunate that it happens," she says.

Detective Maughan wants to remind the public there's no reason to believe they're in danger.

"These are clearly targeted to pharmacies, but if the public does recognize anybody, to please call us, we could use the help," he says.

A small community, with more crimes to solve.

Police don't know the monetary value of the prescription drugs stolen.

As for the particular items taken, they're not releasing those details.

Anyone with information on these robberies should call the Twin Falls Police Department at 735-4357.

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