Phone Safety


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Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV )

We use them every day...
"Throughout the day, I'm on it quite a bit."
"I pretty much use it on daily basis, for daily use, you know calling family, friends calling work and what not."
Leaving the battery on low battery or sometimes dead.
Then its charge time, but does charging the phone have an effect on your safety?
"If you're intending on charging your phone you're definitely going to need a cable that has a trickledown effect to it so you're not over charging your battery and also another thing to check is the battery on the device itself."
Using the phone for other uses besides calling, like texting and surfing the web can drain the battery.
Leaving users more prone to charge their phones when there not using them.
"It's on my bedside table; it does get pretty warm on the charger."
However, it's not recommended to leave your phone charging all night.
"I recommend charging your phone right when you get home so you can still observe the phone, make sure once it reaches its 100% battery you can actually disconnect it."
Keep you and your phone safe.

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