Police Amp Up Seat Belt Enforcement


By Alexa Tieu

Jerome, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) It's been illegal to drive without your seat belt in Idaho for more than twenty years...But Idaho State Police are still cracking down on the problem.

Click it, Don't Risk It.

We've all heard the saying before, but many people still don't wear seat belts.

It's why the Idaho Transportation Department gave funds to law enforcement agencies to increase patrols.

"Here in this district for the State Police, we use the funds to fund specific shifts where officers will go out looking for those violations," says Sgt. Michael Wendler, Idaho State Police.

Not wearing your seat belt is a secondary violation...meaning you have to be pulled over for a different reason before being issued a citation.

Sgt. Wendler explains, "What we do is go out and have an aggressive enforcement of traffic violations like speeding an following too closely...And then while we're enforcing that, we keep a sharp eye out for seat belt violations."

Idaho State Police issued 148 seat belt citations during the mobilization last month.

"We apprehend fugitives, people that have warrants out for their arrest. We arrested several impaired drivers while we were doing the seat belt mobilization," Sgt. Wendler tells us.

A seat belt violation will bring a $10 ticket.

But Sgt. Wendler explains the extra patrols are also meant to help and educate the community.

Sgt. Wendler tells us, "They've shown time and time again that if you're wearing your seatbelt, you're half as likely in a crash to receive serious injuries or fatal injuries, so they're very effective."

An effective and simple way to keep you and others safe.

628 vehicles were pulled over during the mobilization last month..

Overall, police also wrote 200 speeding tickets, made 4 drug arrests, and 4 more DUI arrests. They also apprehended one fugitive, cited 14 people for driving with a suspended license and found 73 people uninsured drivers.

ISP will be starting an impaired driver mobilization Sunday.

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