Police Chief's Retirement On Hold


By Jay Michaels

Kimberly, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) This fall would be a perfect time to retire, if the Kimberly-Hansen police chief could just find a replacement.

After 45 years on the job, Chief of Police Pat Bermingham is ready to finally step down.

Bermingham says, "Just the technology now. They've got cameras, they've got cell phones, they've got computers in the cars. I mean, it's just a different world."

Bermingham began his law enforcement career in 1968. He explains police officers back then weren't as "wired" as they are now.

Bermingham says, "We didn't have handheld radios to carry with us, we didn't have cell phones. We got a call over the radio, we got out of the car, we were on our own. We had no communications."

Bermingham was a patrol commander in Twin Falls for more than 21 years. He began working in Kimberly almost 24 years ago. Since he hasn't been able to find a replacement yet, that temporarily slams the door on his plans to retire at the end of September.

Bermingham says, "We want somebody that can come in here and take over the department and keep going with it. Maybe come in with some new ideas and build it a little bit higher. We're a small department, we cover the two cities Hansen and Kimberly."

So far the police department has only received four or five completed applications for the job. Candidates for this position will need supervisory experience and at least five years in Advanced or Master POST certification.

He explains they're probably going to have to advertise again nationally. The application and job description is available online at cityofkimberly.org .

So while the police department waits for applicants, Bermingham will be on the job for six more months. No doubt he'll be dreaming about all the things he'll do after he finally retires.

June 14, 2013.

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