Pomerelle Holds Pond Skim Before Closing For Season


By KMVT News

Albion, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV )

Skiers and snowboarders of all ages took to the mountain and prepared to brace the cold in the annual "slush cup pond skim".
In total, nine brave participants tested their luck...

Trying to skim over a man made pond without falling in.

Jonathan Eallou, member of PSIA alpine team, notes, "Wide skis really help or long snowboards is the ultimate key to that. Once you are trying to get across the water so get a full head of steam and lean back."

The pond is 75 feet long and 15 feet wide, and for those who unfortunately found out... 4 feet deep.

Christian Cotee, a participant who didn’t quite make it to the other side, adds, "I can't really feel anything now-- it’s just too numb from the cold. I didn't have to wear all my coat and pants for the rest of the day and be frozen so I just wore what I had underneath."

Eallou adds, "It's going to be cold, hold your breath but the best thing you can do if you’re going down is lay one on a big splash; turn to the audience. If you're getting wet, get as many people wet as you can."
This is the fourth year the ski resort has held the event.

Spectators from all over lined the pond....
With loud cheers for those who didn't make it.

First, second, and third place trophies were given to the winners in each division.

A prize was also awarded for the best costume, and most importantly, the biggest splash.

Cotee adds, "You got to prepare yourself to get cold... I'll probably do it again next year."

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