Preacher Fire Containment Expected Soon


By KMVT News

Crews on the Preacher Fire Southwest of Carey are making good progress.

Containment is expected as early as this evening.

"They're looking at a containment of 9 o'clock this evening with a control on Saturday," said Kelsey Dehoney, Public Information Officer for the Twin Falls Bureau of Land Management.

In total, 33,800 acres burned due to the Preacher Fire. But BLM is confident that the worst is over.

"We're sitting at about 60% contained,” said Dehoney. “There hasn't been any hot spots or flare ups in the past 24 hours... so things are looking really good out there and they guys have gotten a pretty good handle on stuff."

But with any wildfire, it's not over until the smoke clears.

"They do have a red flag warning in the area today so the crews will be monitoring and improving containment lines,” said Dehoney. “But the IC is confident that everything will hold and they'll be on track for the containment tonight."

BLM officials say they'll start the process of removing personnel from the fire in the next 24 hours. But what about the smoke that is blanketing the Magic Valley.

How are the firefighters coping with it?

"The smoke can be a factor but our guys are aware of it and do everything they can to minimize that as much as possible,” said Dehoney. “And if there are any issues we make sure they get extra help and bring them off the line in need be."

With the Preacher Fire coming to an end the battle is not over.
The front line begins with you.

"If you are driving around make sure your tires are inflated properly... you're not dragging chains,” said Dehoney. “If you pull off to the side of the road don't park on tall dry grass. Just be aware that it is a high fire danger and that you don't want to be held responsible for causing a wild fire."

Not a single structure was lost during the fire.

As for the total cost of battling the fire, the BLM is still in the process of analyzing that data.

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