Preparing Your Car For Idaho's Winter


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) A trip to the service shop might be included on your agenda this fall.

Brad Marks, Manager of Commerical Tire says, "in preparation, obviously you want to do a safety inspection from coolant checks to fluid, all your tread and traction control."

An oil change also takes care of a lot of these issues.

Neil Welsh, Team Service Manager, Con Paulos adds, "just a basic oil change, go through that same inspection, make sure all that stuff looks good, as far as us getting your car ready for winter."

A common mistake drivers make is not having the battery tested regularly.

Welsh adds, "cold weather is the worst thing for a battery so if it's borderline, the cold weather will take it out and you're stuck."

Then there are tires.

"We sell studded snow tires and studless snow tires," adds Marks.

It might be hard to believe with temperatures in the 60's and 70's throughout southern Idaho, but it's actually legal to have snow tires on your car.

Marks says, "if you're driving a lot highway driving, most of the customers want to go with the studless tire, they do last longer. If you're more rugged driving, then go with the studded snow tire."

Experts also recommend replacing windshield wiper blades and keeping your windshield washer reservoir full with windshield washer fluid. Plain water won't work because it freezes in the winter.

Some helpful tips in preparing for another winter living in the Gem State.

Commercial Tire is offering a free safety inspection of your car. Employees will check your tires, brakes and fluids.

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