Proceeds From Festival of Trees Goes Towards New Hangar


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) - Every year, the Saint Luke's Magic Valley Festival of Trees picks a certain part of the hospital to raise money for.

And thanks to the brand new hospital, this year's money won't be going to renovations or up–keep items.

For this year's Festival of Trees, all of the money raised will be going to help build a band new $500,000 helicopter hangar for the Air Saint Luke's rescue copter.

Currently, the helicopter is housed inside a hanger over at the Jerome Airport.

With the building of a new hanger at the hospital, the time wasted flying from Jerome to Twin will be cut back by 10 minutes.

And in return making the response time for Air Saint Luke's that much quicker.

"The hangar is projected to cost about 500 to 600,000 dollars. It's not fancy, it's big. It's going to have a helicopter in it, heat, and a fire suppression system. And it's going to keep the aircraft out of the weather,” said Kevin Kraal, Medical Director, Air St. Luke’s.

The hangar fund already has started to see an influx of funds so far.

And event planners hope that this weekend's festival will bring in roughly $50,000.

Hospital officials said that the rest of the money should be raised by next May, with the ground breaking taking place that month.

The three day festival kicks off Thursday evening inside the Historic Ballroom in Downtown Twin Falls with the Gala Dinner and the lighting of the trees.

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