Proposed Levy in Burley to Improve Roads


By KMVT News

Burley, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV )

Two hundred thousand dollars for two years.

That's how much city leaders in Burley are asking voters to approve on Election Day.

The proposed levy will increase funding to repair and improve city streets.

Says Mark Mitton, Burley City Administrator, "our streets are deteriorating. We're trying to not have them deteriorate to the point where we can't repair them. We're trying to get a little more money to the point where we can repair them at a rate where we can maintain them all."

Randy Hawkins of the Burley City Council adds, "if we don't keep our maintenance up on our streets, we are faced with total replacement which is a lot more expensive than seal coating and topping the material."

Two years ago a similar proposal was rejected at the city elections, but this year officials hope some changes will bring a different result.

Hawkins notes, "the prior option that was rejected was a permanent levy, which basically would be a continuous endeavor. This will be a two year proposal and will give us a chance to show what we can do with the money."

Mitton adds, "we can demonstrate to the public that we're going to be responsible with the money and get the repairs done."

The city assures that costs per household won't be drastic.

Says Hawkins, "on a tax assessed value of a one hundred and fifty thousand dollar home it would amount to five dollars a month, or sixty dollars a year."

Hoping that a yes vote, will mean major improvements down the road.

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