Protecting Your Flowers And Plants During The Heat


By KMVT News

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) With very hot temperatures on the way, what can you do to keep your plants, flowers and gardens healthy?

Excessive heat can take a toll on your gardens and flowers. Experts tell us the key to successful plant health is moisture.

"Start establishing moisture in the gardens now. You want to water deeply and infrequently especially for your large trees and shrubs. With your newer plants the annuals and perennials you want to set those to daily watering so it keeps them moist and gets to the root system and establish moisture in the roots," said Derek Ruhter, general manager at Webb Garden Center.

You want to avoid watering during the peak heating of the day.

"Generally to avoid disease problems and other problems early morning between 3 am is ideal and you also avoid a lot of the wind and the wind movement on your water," said Ruhter.

During the heat wave, fertilizing your plants, flowers and even grass can do more damage than good.

"You can compound a problem by adding fertilizer if you are drought stressed," said Ruhter.

But water is the key. You want to establish deep moisture to the root systems and you want to prepare ahead for severe heat waves.

"So that you are establishing moisture deep in the root system as opposed to shallow watering where it keeps the roots closer to the surface," said Ruhter.

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