Protecting Your Pet From Holiday Hazards


By Aimee Burnett

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Pets face more dangers this time of year than any other time.

Two of the biggest concerns during the holidays are pets getting lost or getting into something poisonous.

With the holidays come new faces and lots of new hazards, but there are ways you can protect your furry friends.

The holiday season brings excitement and commotion as people rush to complete their shopping lists, visitors in town and of course traveling.

For pets, it can be very stressful.

"If you notice some vomiting, some diarrhea that's to be expected with change and stress," said Megan Williams, Kimberly Veterinary Clinic.

Busy schedules can lead to an unhappy pet, but Hemingway's Happy Hounds offers a solution.

"It's like a little Disneyland for the dogs. It gives them a little vacation also, while you're out doing your thing,” said Darcy Kupitz, Manager, Hemingway’s Happy Hounds.

Poisoning is one of the leading causes of deaths in pets this time of year.

One of the notoriously deadly poisons for pets is chocolate.

"The dark baker's chocolate. That is what's dangerous to them. That will make them very sick and have some serious side effects," said Williams.

The other is a chemical you'll find in most garages....antifreeze.

"If you don't get your animal into your veterinarian immediately, antifreeze poisoning is fatal 100% of the time," said Williams.

The other concern is new toys and ornaments.

"During the holidays we see a lot of foreign body obstruction, which is they eat something they're not suppose to and gets lodged somewhere in they're intestines,” said Williams.

When in doubt, Hemingway's offers daycare, overnight stays, bathing and grooming.

"We're good eyes. Plus, they get plenty of exercise, a caring staff takes care of them, so they're not left alone on the holidays," said Kupitz.

Safe holiday fun for your pet, while you're celebrating with friends and family.

Other things to be aware of, poinsettia plants are poisonous to both cats and dogs.

And, human and pet medications are the number one cause of poisonings in pets this time of year.

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