Protecting Your Privacy On Social Media


By KMVT News

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram... When you post that photo of your family or a selfie, are you making sure you're staying protected?

"Lots of people like to post pictures online. Well, most cell phones have GPS in the picture and somewhere in that photo, will be the GPS location hidden in it. Anyone who looks into it knows where to find it,” explains Dep. Ken Baisch, Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office.

73 percent of online adults are on some type of social media platform; that's according to a Pew Research study.

Shannon Hartgrave is one of those social media users who post photos frequently. However, she is cautious.

"With Facebook, it concerned me because I have small kids. I limit my friends to people I know. When I'm posting vacation pictures, I wait until I'm home. When it’s kid pictures, I just make sure it's them and not of the house. Because if someone sees and wants to rob us they can see what we have," she points out.

The Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office is seeing an increase in social media bullying, threats, and harassment.

"There is no real way to call it a crime. If they aren't present and active, we can't call it a crime. We can go with harassment things, but it's hard to prosecute," Baisch says.

Hartgrave has never experienced any type of online threat but knows it’s out there.

"I have friends who comment on someone's post, and people can see that and have said they have had problems with stalking, but I have never had a problem," she says.

Keeping your privacy protected... because you never know who is on the other side.

The Sheriff's Office recommends the best way to avoid people finding your location through photos is to turn off your GPS on your phone.

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