Protecting your house during winter weather


By Alexa Tieu

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Winter weather reminds us to drive safer, but residents also need to remember to protect their homes.

There are ways for you to prevent damage to your house during freezing temperatures.

With temperatures dropping quickly this winter, there are precautions homeowners should take to protect pipes.

City officials explain it's pretty easy to do, if you remember to do it.

"If they go to any retailer or home construction store, they can find covers for their faucets and they're just generally a foam cover that attaches to any outdoor faucets," says Josh Palmer from the City of Twin Falls.

Besides insulation, it's also suggested to trickle water at night or when a faucet has not been used for 48 hours.

Palmer says, "What we're asking residents to do is use a common sense approach to insulating their outside faucets and pipes and make sure the valves that run to their irrigation and sprinkler systems are covered."

It's also important to know you may not see damage from frozen pipes right away.

"Often, it causes them to crack and burst and they don't realize that until summer rolls around," says Palmer.

Keeping your house safe to save money in the future.

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