Pursuing A Healthier Community

Activate Magic Valley


By KMVT News

Getting the residents of southern Idaho up and active is the goal of activate Magic Valley.
The new organization is still working out the basics.

But they are looking forward to a bright future.

"Wellness is one of the most important things and one that helps define a quality community. And we want to make sure that as partners, were all working towards that," said Travis Rothweiler, City of Twin Falls.

The idea is still new...
But the wheels are in motion to make activate Magic Valley a driving force in southern Idaho.
But what exactly is activate Magic Valley?

"It's just a collaboration of all of the players in the game at trying to make a healthier community,” said Scott Standley, Activate Magic Valley. “A little more active community... a little more aware community of health issues and health problems that go on. And maybe a way that we can help cure at the beginning of those problems instead of at the end."

And it's not just the physical health.

The organization feels that every aspect of everyday wellness needs to be recognized.

"Everything that we can help with, we would like to try to help with,” said Standley. “We would like to try to educate people on what's happening to them... what we can help happen to them. Give them alternatives to watching TV and playing video games... and maybe get out and garden or yard work or ride bikes, wherever we can help."

The idea for activate Magic Valley came about from local leaders realizing that making a community an active one, is not only good for its residents... But could also do great things for the business community.

And it was the city of twin falls that got the ball rolling.

"The city of Twin Falls came around and put on a presentation about a healthier community and a better community and promote that as a place for businesses to look at so that were healthier... better work force, happier people," said Standley.

"We're looking at wellness as a complete package,” said Rothweiler. “Everything from the physical to the emotional all the way to the mental wellness... So we really want to make sure that everything that is being created helps our community become well."

The process is still in its infancy.
Activate Magic Valley is hoping that in the very near future their presence will be known valley wide.

And it's a presence that will be a driving factor in making the Magic Valley a much more active and healthier place to live.

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