Quirkiest Laws in the Gem State


By Alexa Tieu

There are thousands of laws and statutes upheld in the Gem State.

But there are some in Idaho's books you may not have heard of.

We get pulled over sometimes breaking laws we haven't heard of.

Your license plate may be too low, or you turned into the wrong lane.

But which ones top the list of weird laws?

"It's a misdemeanor to have sex outside of marriage. Which that's always been on the books and I can't say I've ever of anyone that's tried to prosecute it or even taken a report on it," says Sheriff Tom Carter, Twin Falls County Sheriff's Department.

The penalty for being found guilty of fornication is a $300 fine, no more than six months in jail, or both.

Carter says, "I believe in certain juvenile crimes, they've added on fornication , they have pled guilty to fornication as a lesser charge."

"Really? I guess I'm a criminal then because we aren't married," says Cody Andrew, Twin Falls resident.

Jennifer Woodland, Twin Falls resident says, "Obviously I'm going to jail again."

There are a few other laws on the Gem State's books that are even more obscure.

"It's illegal to catch fish with dynamite," Carter says.

"That's common sense. I don't see why you'd fish with dynamite. What do you guys think? I think you shouldn't fish with dynamite because when you fish with dynamite, it goes boom," Andrew and his daughter say."

"That's the only way I can catch a fish is with dynamite," Woodland believes.

Carter says, "Cannibalism is prohibited except in life-threatening situations."

Andrew says, "I guess if you're in the mountains and can't get nowhere...but I don't think I'm going to get much meat off him."

"As long as you have a jar of ketchup, I guess it's all good," says Woodland.

Sheriff Carter believes, "I think they're absolutely unenforceable. I can't imagine under any circumstances that anyone would ever charge one of these."

A few laws to consider, but maybe not worry about for Idahoans.

Other weird laws in the Gem State include the following:

It's illegal to sell an Idaho Deluxe Potato with rot, cracking or sunburn.
It's a crime to poison a well.
If a restaurant sells eggs from a different state, they must tell customers or it's a crime.
It's illegal to bet on the outcome of an election.
You cannot use a cane with a white tip if you aren't blind.
It's a crime to intentionally startle a blind man's dog.
It's illegal to sell hard liquor on election day.

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