Residents Start Recall Effort


By Rachel Holt

Filer, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Filer residents are calling for a movement to recall the mayor and all four City Council members.

This, after Filer Police Officer Hassani shot and killed a dog on the job on February 8th.

This dashboard video shows an incident where a Filer police officer killed a dog running at large.

The footage angered some residents, who felt that proper protocol was not taken.

Now, within two weeks, a Facebook page called "Recall Filer Mayor Rick Dunn" has 915 likes.

"You hear stories all the time about incidents like this happening, and there is an uproar all the time and it dies down, but in Filer we want to make a difference and do the right thing, and we don't want an officer who is above the law," explains Anthony Butler, Filer resident.

While Officer Hassani remains on administrative leave, many still have questions.

"After the hundreds and hundreds of phone calls I had to return, it doesn't surprise me at all. They don't like the officer and they think the shooting was terrible. They have their opinion and I have to respect that," Filer Mayor Rick Dunn says.

This Monday marks 90 days into the City Council's term in office.

Legally, that is when residents can circulate a petition.

The petition... to recall the mayor and four City Council members.

"I will be there. I will sign the petition... The City Council hasn't stood up and said they support the people, so we feel like we need to have a recall so we can have a clean house and have people in there who will listen to the people who voted them in," Butler says.

"It's their right. It's part of their democracy, so I don't have a thought one way or the other," Dunn explains.

Despite the public wanting answers, Mayor Dunn is keeping mum.

"Anything we do with the officer is not public record," he notes.

For now, multiple jobs remain on the line.

A Filer City Council meeting is taking place Tuesday evening at 7:30.

The dog shooting is not on the agenda... But the Facebook page called for residents to show up and quote "let the council and mayor know we are still paying attention."

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