Rupert Police Department Finds New Way Of Tracking Stolen Property


By KMVT News

Rupert, Idaho (KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV) - The Rupert Police Department is utilizing a new tool that might help you recover your stolen property much faster.

Trying to find the owners of stolen property is a difficult task for local law enforcement, and has been for years. But now a new system called Trackmole is taking on some of that burden.

First going online in April of this year--Trackmole is in only 62 cities across the nation.

Rupert, Idaho is one of them.

"Trackmole is a web based program that individuals can actually go in and enter their serial numbers,” said Det. Samuel Kuoha, Rupert Police Department. “Basically what it does... it allows them to be able to take complete control of their serial numbers which helps us as law enforcement to be able to recover their property back."

Property owners can log onto and register any item that has a serial number. It basically works as theft insurance for the owner.

If police are able to locate the item, the chances of getting that property returned greatly increases.

"This actually allows us an opportunity to be able to get the owner their property back... if it's been registered in the system," said Kuoha.

But what about personal property that doesn't have a serial number?

"There's going to be updates as time goes on. It's still in its infancy and it's still growing,” said Kuoha. “But eventually, from what I understand, you'll be able to put photographs of your rings... or photographs of your jewelry... things that really don't have serial numbers."

Trackmole Gives residents of Rupert the change to protect what is theirs, and giving local law enforcement a new tool in fighting crime.
The Rupert Police Department has only been using the program for about a month.

They say you can register anything from electronics to bicycles to even firearms.

To learn more about Trackmole log onto our website at

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