SIRCOMM To Begin Dispatching For Three Wood River Valley Cities


By Brandon Redmond

Jerome, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) SIRCOMM opened its doors in 1996 as a regional dispatch center for much of the Magic Valley. 17 years later are adding more cities to the list of agencies they dispatch for.

"We met with the City of Hailey early last year and started discussion of what it would take to dispatch their calls for service on a non emergency basis," said SIRCOMM Director John Moore.

Those talks eventually grew to involve Sun Valley and Bellevue. Hailey signed the contract with SIRCOMM last week while Sun Valley and Bellevue are expected to by the end of the month.

One of the benefits of these three agencies being dispatched by SIRCOMM means that officers in both the Magic Valley and Wood River Valley will have access to the same information.

"Criminals do not stay in one location. We have many incidents where we have had traffic stops where people have been wanted out of Blaine County or wanted out of Twin Falls County and they travel Highway 93 back forth or Highway 75. With the ability to provide information back and forth via the computers in the car and through dispatch, we can help track and monitor the criminal activity in both areas," stated John Moore.

The agreement will not only help police officers but will also save money.

"We didn't feel like we could provide that service at the same expense as the counties down here that are already paying for the infrastructure and that kind of thing. So we decided that we would add a small profit on to that so it would be a little more for SIRCOMM to decrease the costs and also decrease the cost to our taxpayers back down here," said Charlie Howell, Jerome County Commissioner and Chair of the SIRCOMM Board.

SIRCOMM is looking to hire three to four additional dispatchers to handle the additional workload. Dispatchers at SIRCOMM start out at 13.86 an hour

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