Salvation Army Making Changes To Avoid Possible Violation


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Donations left overnight outside the Salvation Army Thrift Store, are posing major problems for the organization. The act is putting the Salvation Army in risk of a city code violation as well as inviting unwanted guests.

The alley adjacent to the Salvation Army Thrift Store was clear Thursday afternoon, but that's not always the case.

Nicki Kroese, Twin Falls Salvation Army Business Manager adds, "the problem is if you leave it in the alley, then scavengers come out at night and they just throw the stuff out from the streets into the alley and once it's been drug through the dirt, I can't use it and then I have throw it away and I have to pay to throw it away."

Despite signs being posted above and on the collection door, people still tend to donate items after hours, posing problems for Kroese and the Salvation Army as well as violating a city code.

According to city code, 10-7-14, no outside storage or display of merchandise is allowed beyond the front sidewalk adjacent to the primary business building or outside of screened areas.

"It recently got a lot worse and now the city is bringing it to our attention and want to have a few things changed here."

One of the ways Kroese is looking to make a change is with the help from a local Eagle Scout.

"So we're going to get a back fence so people can't see through and that will hopefully keep the scavengers out of our backyard and they won't be starting our sheds on fire anymore."

Keeping the focus on moving merchandise through the store and away from storage in the back.

On average, the Salvation Army spends $5,400 annually on taking unwanted or unsellable goods to the dump.

As Nicki Kroese exclaims, that is money that could be spent feeding local families.

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