School District In Good Financial Shape


By Jay Michaels

Rupert, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) There's less money to go around for school districts depending on state and federal money. But Minidoka Schools have done what it takes to stay financially healthy.

Minidoka Schools have cut more than 50 positions in the last five years to make ends meet.

Every year, accountants go over the books for school districts to make sure everything's in order. It takes several weeks, but Minidoka schools are happy to find out they're in very good shape.

Sandra Miller, Superintendent of Minidoka Schools, says, "We have stayed right within our budget in every area and every federal program. In bonds and levies, anything like that, we have not dipped into one pot to compensate for another."

Even though money's been tight, the business office has been working closely with district leaders. As a result, the district will keep its current annual Moody rating, which confirms its finances are in good condition.

Michelle Deluna, Business Manager for Minidoka Schools, says, "We are down to $490,000 fund balance, which for the past 20 years or more, we have been over $1 million in funding balance. So it's been tight, and we've cut over $3 ½ million the past five years."

More than 4,000 students attend ten schools in the Minidoka District. Because leaders have been frugal, those students will continue to have a place to go to school for years to come.

Minidoka's school buildings include four elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools.

November 13, 2013.

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