Controversy Surrounding Health Insurance Exchange Board


By KMVT Staff

Meridian, Idaho ( KBOI ) A state contract is under fire Saturday night.
The contract for the internet insurance exchange was awarded to a member of its board, a no–bid contract worth up to $375,000.

One of the board members who's on the receiving end of the deal resigned the same day the contract was announced. And now, other board members want to take a look at that deal.

Reporter: "Now, there are 19 members on the Your Health Idaho board. You're one of them. No vote on this?"

State Senator Jim Rice: "there was never a vote on this. It was done without the knowledge of the board members."

Rice says the contract came out of the blue and hasn't followed the process other contracts have.

The money is for this website, which allows people to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Exchange Executive Director Amy Dowd reportedly gave board member Frank Chan the $180 hour contract to oversee a big technology project. Chan resigned. His name's already off the list of board members.

"Board members don't negotiate sweetheart deals for themselves. It's double what *his going rate is for this contract. From everything I've seen so far, there's all sorts of bad behavior on this one."

I met the senator at his son's baseball game... He says the people involved in this contract deal weren't playing by the rules.

Reporter: "we were talking earlier about the baseball analogy. You wouldn't call this a foul ball?" rice: "no, a foul ball's an accident. This is on purpose. This is offensive bad behavior. It's more like somebody going and clothes lining somebody on purpose, trying to take them out."

Now, the board has scheduled a special meeting for Tuesday morning. This is the agenda: "Procurement Process" is the only item listed and Senator Rice says reversing that contract is one thing he'd like to do.

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