Senator Risch Visits The Magic Valley


By Andrew Reed

Jerome, Idaho ( KMVT-TV /KTWT-TV ) Congress is in recess this week.

Idaho U.S. Senators are back in the gem state making the rounds in cities across Southern Idaho.

Just home for a few days, senator Jim Risch is busy.

With six offices throughout the state, Risch is trying to visit each one to hear citizens.

The latest concern for Idahoans is the Bowe Bergdahl announcement from the white house.

"I can tell you and I'm convinced as far as the administration is concerned this is a high priority item and I believe they are doing all they can possibly do to bring Bowe Bergdahl home. We remind them of that pretty close to daily that this needs to be done,” said Senator Jim Risch.

Risch is excited about the recent farm bill that passed.

Lawmakers signed the bill after two years of arguments over the legislation.

The bill replaces direct crop payments with an insurance program and trims money from the food stamps program.

"It certainly wasn't perfect by a lot better than it was before. It has a lot of reforms in it that we really wanted to see and it will be really helpful to a lot of the sectors in Idaho,” said Risch.

Another project he's working on is small businesses in America.

Senator Risch is receiving input from business owners on how to improve the relationship between owners and the government.

"One of the biggest problems small businesses have is the federal government. The regulations that the administration keeps on small businesses is very difficult for them,” said Risch.

A U.S. senator listening to the people he represents.

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