Sexting, Are Your Kids Doing It?


By Andrew Reed

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) With the latest technology, kids can practically do anything on a cell phone now a day.

However, as a parent do you monitor what your children are doing on the phone or even internet?

Educators are seeing more and more kids with cell phones in their hands at school, some even at the age of six.

That small communicator that fits in the palm of your hand can be dangerous for children.

"The whole texting generation is going wildfire and people of the adult age don't fully grasp what the juvenile population is getting into right now. Many of the kids in the middle and high school age communicate through texting. They have the sense of being protective because no one can see what they are doing and not physically being harm of what they are doing. They don't realize the long-lasting dangers” said Detective Patrick Wilson,Jerome Police Department.

A growing concern nationwide is sexting, this is when you send sexually suggestive, nude or nearly nude photos through text messages or e-mail.

A study from national center for missing & exploited children explains 1 in 5 teens have sexted. Most will send photos to boyfriends or girlfriends, but 11-percent of teens sent photos to strangers.

"There are some severe laws when you're a child and forwarding pictures of yourself that are inappropriate, that is child pornography. You can be charged as a sexual predator” said Kristi Fowler, Life Coach.

If your child doesn't have a cell phone, the internet is another worry. Internet users between the ages of 10 and 17 fall victim to unwanted online sexual solicitation.

"Being able to monitor our kids is very important, not because we are curious their doing something wrong but, you want a level of accountability with them. They will know mom and dad are going to check up on me because they love me and care about me,” said Fowler.

The cell phone, tablet, and computer is changing technology, something parents need to be aware so their kids don't become a victim.

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