Skeletal Remains Confirmed To Be Missing Rupert Woman


By KMVT News

The family of Norine Boyd finally has closure, after 24 years of wondering what happened.

Norine was just 29 years old when she disappeared from her Rupert apartment in December, 1988. In March of the following year, hikers found Norine’s car at the City of Rocks. Investigators say the car door was unlocked; inside they found nine empty beer cans, an empty bottle of sleeping pills and cross-tops, which are a type of amphetamine.

Police issued a warrant for Norine’s arrest not long before her disappearance. She was accused of stealing nearly $1,000 from a local man.

Fast forward to October of 2012. That’s when members of the Rupert Police Department found human remains at the City of Rocks. Now, officials have confirmed the remains are those of Norine Boyd. It’s a recent turn of events that warmed up a cold case.

Crime and Intel Analyst Diane Gines and Detective Sergeant Jeff McEwen work for the Rupert Police Department. They reopened the case in 2010, and have spend thousands of hours poring over every detail of the case.

Gines reacts to the discovery of Norine’s remains, "It's very emotional. You feel like you know her as a sister, a daughter or something. And we're pretty close to the family now too."

Det. Sgt. McEwen says he can relate to the heartache Norine’s family members were left with after her disappearance, "24 years is a long time. I have children and it would just tear me up to go that long not knowing where my child is."

Rupert Police Chief James Wardle was appointed to office in August, 2012. He says the case became a priority for him when he took office, "Well, when I became Chief I made the comment that I'd like to make this a priority to try to get closure for the family. I didn't think it'd come this soon but I'm happy it did."

Norine’s family members aren’t the only ones who found closure when investigators found her remains. For Wardle, Gines and McEwen, the discovery brought the case full circle.

Wardle explains, "You know in law enforcement when you get a case and you work it that long you get really personally kinda involved in it and you just work harder and you close it out. And that's what they did."

McEwen adds, "Bringing closure to the family has definitely been one of the more positive, rewarding experiences in my life."

An experience that began with a chance discovery they never thought would happen. Det. Sgt. McEwen says, "It really was a surprise. We didn't go up there with the intention of finding anything."

Although Norine’s remains have been found, there are a number of questions that are still left unanswered, like how she died. Gines and McEwen say the profile they put together of Norine doesn’t suggest she would have taken her own life.

McEwen adds, "I find it extremely odd that a lady that supposedly loved her family so would just take off and leave. And have no contact in 24 years."

Norine’s love for her three children is one reason a former family friend of Norine’s says she suspects foul play. Rusty Peterson lived across the street from Norine’s former mother-in-law. Peterson says she had a disturbing dream, or what some call a ‘psychic vision,’ just days before Norine went missing.

Peterson describes the dream, "She was in her car, on a road, and I was at a crossroad like this. And she waved at me and I waved at her and I followed her because it was starting to snow."

It wasn’t long before her description of a dream turned into a nightmare, as she said, "And this one scene comes back of her being buried in a shallow ditch by a fence post."

Former Cassia County Sheriff Randy Kidd says there is no evidence to support Peterson’s vision, but that didn’t stop Norine’s brother from visiting the City of Rocks with Peterson just a few years ago. In the meantime, detectives at the Rupert Police Department revisited old leads.

McEwen says, "We've actually put together a list and we went out and re-interviewed several people that were involved at that point in time."

Unfortunately, time was working against them. He continues, "The things that were really clear maybe in 1990 or 1988 are kinda hazy and fuzzy now in 2012."

It’s a case that leaves questions unanswered and wounds unhealed, even after 24 years.

Norine’s family members are asking for privacy during this time. However, a source close to the family says they’re relieved to have closure.

The case is now closed for the Rupert Police Department since it was only a missing persons case for the department.

Rupert, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) - The human remains found in the city of Rocks area of Cassia County, October of 2012 is that of Norine K. Boyd, a former Rupert resident who disappeared in 1988. That according to Rupert Police Chief James Wardle who according to a news release from the city, was notified of the finding, by the University of North Texas Department of Investigative Genetics.
In October 2012, Sgt. Detective Jeff McEwen of the Rupert Police Department, together with Rupert Police Reserve Officer and criminal analyst Diane Gines discovered skeletal human remains in the City of Rocks area of Cassia County. The officers were assisted by a cadaver dog and personnel trained in forensic anthropology. Rupert Police Department detectives were in the area pursuing information connected to the 1988 disappearance of Norine Boyd when the discovery was made. After making the initial discovery, Rupert detectives notified officials of the City of Rocks National Reserve and the Cassia County Sheriff’s office who responded and took control of the scene.
Norine Boyd disappeared shortly before Christmas in 1988 and here whereabouts have been unknown until the discovery of her remains. Her case has been a focus of the City of Rupert’s Police Department in recent years which began to pursue the case again after years of inactivity. Rupert Police Chief, James Wardle, who was appointed Chief of Police in August of 2012 had previously worked on the case and made it a priority ‘cold case’ for investigation by his department. Sgt. Detective Jeff McEwen, a detective assigned to the case, worked together with other law enforcement officers including special criminal analyst Diane Gines, in making the break-through discovery.
The police are continuing to investigate the death and are asking that any person who has information regarding the disappearance of Norine Boyd to contact law enforcement.

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