Speed Limit Increase Approved


By KMVT News

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV )

It's been approved!
The Idaho Transportation board approved the increase the speed limit on selected rural sections of interstates in Southern and Eastern Idaho.
Some residents of the Magic Valley are not happy with the change.
"I do not agree with that because it's more likely to cause accidents...plus the semi's to they can only go a certain speed."
The maximum speed limit on sections of interstates 15, 84 and 86 will be raised to 80 mph and 70 for trucks.
Other residents of the magic valley are for the change.
"I think it would be good because it means it's easier for people to travel faster and it's not like every drives 80 anyway on the freeway and we travel to Utah a lot to take our son up to his dad and it helps us get there faster and it's just easier for us
The change will be in effect by early August; however, the speed limits do not increase until the new signs are in place.
Residents' who are for think 80 is fast enough.
"I could see where people would prolly abuse it and go 5 over like they do usually but if your going 80 that's plenty fast."

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