Spice - Synthetic Marijuana Arrest Down In Twin Falls


By Andrew Reed

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) The number of cases of people being charged or arrested with having the substance spice- a type of synthetic marijuana is on the decline.

Nearly a year ago the DEA assisted the Twin Falls Police Department with a spice bust throughout the city.

Last July local law enforcement received reports of Twin Falls stores who sell spice.

It was legal in the state of Idaho at the time.

However, federal laws were in place making it illegal.

"I believe there were six stores, all but one shutdown.”

Detective JR Paredez took part in a six-store synthetic marijuana - spice bust, last year. The drug enforcement administration joined local law enforcement on shutting down local businesses for selling the drug.

Since the bust, the amount of spice in the community decreased.

“We came across a lot of people every day that had spice on them, but it wasn't illegal in the state of Idaho. We couldn't do anything to them. There would be lines outside the spice shops wrapped around the block waiting for them to open so people can buy it” said Detective JR Paredez, Twin Falls Police Department.

Since July 2012 when spice became illegal, arrests went down by 99-percent.

"There has been a big reduction in the number of people who have had it, the number of people selling it, and using it since that time. Both in the city and in the county” said Prosecuting Attorney Grant Loebs, Twin Falls County.

Law enforcement believes it 's harder to get your hands on the drug, compared to just last year.

"We can only judge by the number of arrests and the number of cases we see that are brought to us and that number has been dramatically down" said Loebs.

Paredez and his team continues to monitor shops in the area for different types of synthetic drugs.

A way to stay on top of things and not let it get out of control.

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