State Employee Salaries Released


By Andrew Reed

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Have you always wondered the salaries of city and state employees?

The 2012 government employee salaries were recently released by the state controller's office.

Want to know how much money city administrators or even the local fire chief make?

We break down positions and salaries for you. So who is making the most in Idaho?

Topping the list is BSU football coach Pete, making more than one-million dollars.

The BSU head basketball coach is just behind coach Pete, making more than four-hundred-thousand dollars.

"Coach Pete is great but all the athletic directors are getting so much money. I think education isn't really getting any of that attention, so I feel like they should get more of that” said Alexander Iavogt, concern citizen.

The question is, who is bringing in the big bucks in Southern Idaho?

Ketchum City Administrator Gary Marks makes more than one-hundred and sixty-thousand dollars.

Followed by the Director of Public Works and Fire Chief of Filer bringing in more than one-hundred and forty thousand.

The City of Twin Falls City Manager brings in more than one-hundred and eleven-thousand dollars and Jerome City Administrator is taking home more than 85-thousand dollars.

"I'm the one person in the organization that makes over a hundred-thousand dollars. There is no other in the organization that does. I would ask the citizens if they would compare my salary as a CEO of 80-million dollar corporation to those also running an 80-million dollar corporation” said City Manager Travis Rothweiler, City of Twin Falls.

"I mean everything should be paid for their work, but I think it comes a point that it's a little excessive” said Barbara Messina, concern resident.

You can check out local and state employee salaries at

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