Staying Safe During Hot Conditions


By KMVT News

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) It's summer and the heat has settled in.

For the past two weeks Southern Idaho has sizzled with temperatures reaching the mid to upper 90's.

Stephanie mead for Idaho's first news has the story.

Smoldering heat and very dry conditions are a reality for the month of July. That mixture poses for dangerous conditions when strong thunderstorms with gusty wind conditions approach southern Idaho.

"When thunder roars get indoors, that's the best protection the biggest concern with thunderstorms coming in is when lightning strikes," said Capt. Eric Smith, Twin Falls Fire Department.

Wild fires have already struck Southern Idaho this season. But that's not the only concern when the weather becomes too hot to handle.

"Severe sweating, light headed, get confusion defiantly need to get cooled off if people are getting confused,” said Shalise Bower, ER Nurse at Cassia Medical Center in Burley. “You definitely need to make sure they get cooled down and to get them into the hospital as soon as possible."

It's recommended to stay out of the sun between one and five in the afternoon.

And a few other tips.

"Just stay safe, when you see thunderstorms coming, try to get inside,” said Schmitz.

"Very important to stay cool, I've seen a lot of them with little wraps around their necks, even putting your shirt in water and wearing it that way lots of water, fluids, fluids, fluids," said Bower.

Fluids and knowledge of how to keep yourself safe as the heat continues.

It's also recommended to drink other fluids besides water to replace electrolytes.

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