Staying Safe This Hunting Season


By Ben Lyda

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Accidents happen every day, and when it comes to hunting and handling fire arms one small mistake could turn into a life and death situation.

Lt. Daron brown with the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office has a few tips to stay safe.

"We live in a community that almost everybody has a gun, there is hunting and shooting and target practice, a lot of trap shooting in the area, and gun safety is absolutely important. You should store your weapon separate from your ammunition, have your ammunition locked in one area and your gun locked up in another area. if you store your guns in a gun cabinet store the keys somewhere other than in the locking device of the gun cabinet”, said Lt. Brown

If children grow up around guns it is very important to keep them educated on the dangers and safety of firearms.

"The younger they are the better, if kids were to learn that guns aren't a scary bad thing when they are young they are less likely to go and play with it”, said Dan Hadley a local gun expert

Andrew Wilsey knows from firsthand experience the importance of gun safety.

"I was ten years old, I was on a hunting trip in Wyoming, there was a guy who wasn't really shooting where he should have been, and I caught some spray off a shotgun and I actually ended up losing the vision in my left eye here”, said Wilsey

"Every year there are accidental shootings involving children, if children don't know about firearms the curiosity will get to them. Store your weapons away from children. If your children are raised around firearms you need to educate them”, said Lt. Brown

"When you've got a firearm, always be aware of your surroundings, be aware of where people are, treat every gun like it's loaded. Just pay attention, pay attention to what you are doing, pay attention to those around you”, said Wilsey

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