Stopping West Nile Before It Becomes A Problem


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV/ KSVT-TV ) And with over 4 inches of rain falling last week, the threat of the West Nile Virus is even higher than before.

Mosquitoes look to breeding in any stagnant water.

And in the Magic Valley, stagnant water is abundant.

Kirk Tubbs with the Twin Falls County Pest Abatement District says the West Nile Virus is in the Twin Falls region.

Being first identified this year, just last week in Kimberly.

He says the best way to protect yourself from the virus is a simple fix...

Dump out any stagnate water on your property.

"One female Mosquito can lay a couple hundred eggs in there and about a week later they're hatching out. So now is the time to take action and dump that out... and save yourself a lot of problems later."
Said Kirk Tubbs from the Twin Falls County Pest Abatement District.

If you have large ponds of stagnant water on your property, that you can’t simply just dump out.

You can contact the Twin Falls Pest Abatement District and they will come out and treat that water.

You can reach the Pest Abatement District at 733-2338

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