Strong Show Of Support For Williams


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Gooding, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) For six years, Doctor Heather Williams has served as the Gooding School District Superintendent.

She announced her resignation at the same time as Gooding Principal Chris Comstock, who filed a lawsuit against the board of trustees last year... Alleging the board violated Idaho’s open meeting laws.

For many reasons, members of the community came out in full force last night at the school board meeting.

When the meeting room at the district office started to spill out into the hallway, the board moved the meeting to the middle school.

A lot of the attendees wanted to voice their support for Williams.

If you looked around, you could see these stickers: "Williams Bus: Drive with Purpose Turn the Bus Back to Gooding."

Those on the Williams bus are saddened to see Doctor Heather Williams go.

"She is a valued member of our community and our school district, and she has put blood sweat and tears into turning our school district around," explains concerned parent Diana Rowe.

Rowe is like other community members questioning why Williams is resigning.

"If our school district will create an environment where somebody like her would leave, then we are not in a position to get somebody else of her caliber and continue the work she has done and that's not acceptable to me," Rowe says.

"You said yes she resigned, well there's a reason she resigned. I came here 10-12 years ago when our reading scores were 70%, our math scores were 50%, 56%. This school district was dumb and dumber. Now I look at it, Heather's got it up to 90% in reading, 80% in math, a 29% increase, a 40% increase," points out retired businessman Denis Perron.

While some speakers believe the community as a whole should move forward.

"We have our kids to look out for and that's what we need to do. Put all this behind us and we're here for our kids and our district," one says.

"It seems to me she planned to move forward with a new opportunity, possibly as state superintendent. The next fact that the board voted 3-2 to accept her resignation, that's all it takes, it's a done deal," another adds.

The board meanwhile allowed the public to raise concerns, but chose not to respond.

In a previous conversation, Heather Williams told Idaho’s First News that she will "Miss the amazing staff of Gooding Schools because collectively we have accomplished so many good things for the kids.”

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