Students Learn Life Saving Techniques


By Aimee Burnett

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Students at Robert Stuart Middle School are learning how to recognize an emergency and save a life.

“Have a Heart, Save a Life” is part of a statewide effort to teach CPR to 3, 200 seventh and eighth graders.

"The purpose is to really increase the number of people in Idaho that know CPR and can do CPR," said Scott Thompson, Regence Blue Shield of Idaho spokesman.

Regence Blue Shield of Idaho is partnering with the American Heart Association to sponsor the program.

According to AMA statistics, 88 percent of cardiac arrests happen at home.

"We'd like to have Idaho be one of the safest states in the nation where everybody knows CPR and can help save lives," said Thompson.

With help from local emergency professionals students are hearing first-hand what it's like to be in an emergency situation and learning hands–only CPR.

"It clicks when they do it correctly, so they know instantly if they're doing it correctly or not. And, then the EMTs and firefighters are hands–on with them helping them make the adjustments," said Amy McBride, Associate Principal, Robert Stuart Middle School.

As part of their homework the students have been asked to go home and teach five other friends or family members CPR.

"I kind of issued a challenge to them that the more people that they got that we'll celebrate them in our next greatness celebration,” said McBride.

It's the first time in Idaho a program of this type has been implemented and Robert Stuart Middle School is the only school in the district participating.

"This is the age group that is really able to understand the training. Really they like to take the training on, they like to go home and be the person in charge to train others," said Thompson.

If the program is successful Blue Shield plans to continue it to other schools around the state.

Since four out of five cardiac arrests happen in the home, so statistically speaking the life you save will likely be your loved one.

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