Suspect Arrested in Twin Falls Bank Robbery


By Jarred Aslett

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Some tense moments in Twin Falls Tuesday after a man in a wheelchair attempted to rob the First Federal Bank on the corner of Washington and Falls.

The Checker Cab Company says they picked up 60 year-old Robert Bower at his residence in Twin Falls and drove him to the bank.

"The information that we were given and that needs to be confirmed was that the person slipped the bank teller a note. As far as a weapon I don't know if there was anything in the note itself, or if a weapon was displayed. That's preliminary information that is still under investigation,” said Lt. Craig Stotts with the Twin Falls Police Department.

Bower then left the bank and got back into the cab, asking the driver to take him to the smoke shop.

The Checker Cab Company records the conversations between dispatch and drivers.

In the recording you can hear the driver realizing something was wrong.

DRIVER- "You dropped somebody off that just robbed the bank?"
BOWER-"yeah, yeah, yeah"
DRIVER-"You did?"

The cab dispatcher was listening to a police scanner at the time, and put two and two together.

DISPATCHER-"Checker Four pull the cab over right now. Pull the cab over right now and stop where you're at. Put flashers on, cops are en route to your location. Pull the keys, get out of the car."
DRIVER-"This is checker four. I don't know what's going on but I’m surrounded now by policemen. Wow this is weird."
DISPATCHER-"Checker Four get out of the cab now!"

Thanks to quick action by the Twin Falls Police Department, Bower didn't make it far.

"We treat them all obviously serious. This call came in shortly after 1 pm this afternoon. Within a very short time police officer were on the scene and detained a male suspect," adds Stotts.

Bower is now behind bars at the Twin Falls County Jail. He has been charged with Felony Robbery.

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