Swimming With Diana Nyad


By KMVT News

Sun Valley, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Marathon swimmer Diana Nyad shares her story.

110 miles, 5 attempts, and one extreme dream.

“For me it was about reaching for the stars trying for the impossible, something that people had strived for many times, including myself.”

Just 53 hours after dunking her head in the waters of Havana, Cuba, Diana Nyad set foot on the shores of Key West, Florida.

Diana's fish tale is one of trial and triumph. She describes some of the hardest parts of her journey.

“Those swims are like little microcosms of life... You go into those deep valleys where there's nothing left, there's no will there's no body.”

Nyad set a new record by being the first to swim the strait without the protection of a shark cage.

A tool which not only provides protection but propels swimmers with a draft.

“The resolve of that other shore was so strong, that failure after failure, valley after valley, i still somehow wanted to get there.”

Jellyfish stings and wizard of oz hallucinations haunted those valleys... But in the end Janis Joplin and Neil Young would pull her through

"I'm hearing that Neil Young that weird erie little voice he has…”
With such a zest for life Nyad is now helping others find their way.

“To me that's what finding a way means. Life is tough, but if you want to get through whatever it is you're going through, you'll find a way to get there.”

Every bit of life is about seizing it and living it with gusto every day.

Nyad's done with the ocean, and charity is the new focus..., so where will the next stroke take her?

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