Targeting Teens And Drunk Driving Every 15 Minutes


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Someone dies from an alcohol–related crash in the United States every 15 minutes. Hence, The Every 15 minutes Program is born, a national event targeting teenagers and drunk driving. And over the next two days, students at Canyon Ridge High School are witnessing the consequences of such an act.

Students cried as a police officer read the obituary of their classmates.
Sure. It wasn't real, but the scenarios were.

"I think it's really emotional you could lose someone at any minute, at any time," claims Henley Blick, a senior.

Cassidy Weatherford, who's also a senior adds, "hearing my obituary was surprising because I'm only a senior and you never think of hearing something like that and what your family has thought of you."

The grim reaper pulled selected students one by one out of the classroom, representing another child lost to a fatal crash.

Statistics reveal that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for 15-20 year olds.

Canyon Ridge Vice-Principal Mike Gemar says, "when we go in and read the obituaries of the students in the classroom, it's interesting to see how the other students react, very solemn and I think the mood changes immediately in the classroom."

Meanwhile outside, Twin Falls Police Officers conducted a mock traffic stop, with the students acting as the police officers.

"It's been a great experience just to watch these kids," exclaims Lou Coronado of the Twin Falls Police Department.

Teaching the students the dangers of the unknown or routine traffic stop.

Coronado adds, "that is the most dangerous traffic stop to make given the reason we don't know who's inside that car, if they've committed a serious felony, if they have weapons so given those circumstances, that's the most danger thing police officers do day in, day out."

A glimpse of reality through simulation.

Festivities will continue Thursday at Canyon Ridge with a simulated traffic accident in the school parking lot. That event begins at one thirty p.m.

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