Taxi Services Grow In Twin Falls


By Jay Michaels

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) There’s the old joke about, "Call me a taxi." "Okay, you’re a taxi. What’s next?" These days, even more people are calling a cab in Twin Falls than they used to.

Ten years ago, if you needed a taxi, there was just one cab company in Twin Falls. But the demand for taxis grew, and more and more people started asking for a ride across town.

Bill Peters, Magic Valley Cab and Courier, says, "When we started six years ago, there was only one, and that was Checkered Cab. They had three units, and they did a good job for people for ten, twelve years.

Peters says the owner of Checkered Cab had problems with some drivers getting sick or not showing up, and he finally sold the business. He says that left Magic Valley Cab and Courier as the last company standing for a while.

Peter says, "Then there was just us. A couple weeks later, a month later, one more cab company started. A few month after that, another cab company started. Within a year, we had three more cab companies."

Peters has a fleet of three vehicles and he says his two part time drivers are some of the best out there. He says both his cars and drivers have to be clean, and the drivers need to be well groomed, as well. Peters says a ride across Twin Falls could cost $10 to 13. But with the right disability card, you could get a 30 percent discount.

Peter says, "Any company, a restaurant, service is a key. If you give good service, and you've got decent food, you're in business, you're good. It's the same with a cab company."

Peters says the secret to making his business grow, he calls ahead to let customers know when the drivers will arrive. That’s in addition to being on time, and following up on their promises.

Nov. 22, 2012.

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