Teachers; Parents React To Levy Passing


By Brittany Cooper

Burley, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Cassia Joint School District passed its plant facilities levy on Tuesday. Unofficial results show the levy passed with 1,158 votes compared to 764 opposing votes.

Jodie Carpenter teaches English at Burley High School. She immediately started texting her fellow colleagues just as soon as she found out the news.

"The words awesome, wow and relieved came across all the cell phones," exclaims Carpenter.

For Carpenter, with the levy passing, it takes stress off of her back.

"That allows me as a teacher to be a teacher and not worry about is the technology right? Are we going to have technology today? Are my students going to be able to go through the halls without running into puddles of water?"

Adria Masoner currently has four children attending school in the district. Safety is a concern.

Masoner says, "well I have children at Dworshak Elementary and I've had them there for the past 12 years and a few more years after that. There's cracks in the concrete, the parking lot has been in despair."

Steve Bennett, Maintenance Supervisor, Cassia Joint School District says, "this boiler was the original boiler put in when the school was built....we have 3 other boilers in the district that are about the same age as this one, saying that the piping, the radiator in the classroom are 60 years or better, all getting worn out."

The plant facilities levy goes over the period of 10 years, but there are already projects underway that have been pinpointed by the district."

"We've already done some; the air conditioning at the King Fine Arts Center in Burley was a thing that hit us right off the back. We have other furnaces throughout the district," adds Bennett.

A laundry list of repairs, but ones the district have labeled as priorities.

The levy is approximately 13-point 8 million dollars. Another version of this levy failed in March, it had a 23-million dollar price tag.

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