The Advocates' Green Dot Program Teaches Bystanders to Intervene


By DeSiree Fawn

Ketchum, Idaho - ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) - The Advocates’ mission is to teach people of all ages how to build and maintain healthy relationships. Part of that mission is learning to stand up against violence and bullying. Today, they held a lecture on the innovative Green Dot program.

Green Dot is an exciting new program that is spreading across the country. It is about empowering and engaging bystanders into intervening when they see someone in trouble. The green dot symbolizes putting a dot on the map to stop the red dot, which symbolizes abuse.

One of the keys is to focus on observable behavior and to check in with the person you’re worried about. A big part of the Green Dot program is being able to define red dot behavior. The program stresses that you should never compromise your own safety when trying to stand up for another person. Upcoming Green Dot training programs teach these types of skills.

The Green Dot program is being adopted by schools throughout the community. Darrel Harris is responsible for bringing Green Dot to Blaine County. She has some specific tips for how to handle bullies.

“Don’t fight back. That is the number one thing. That usually escalates the bullying. What I like to say is, to tell them one declarative statement, like, I don’t need this, I’m out of here,” said Darrel Harris, The Advocates.

They also suggest taking careful notes of any correspondence with the bully. If things escalate, it is important to notify an authority of some kind.

The Advocates is bringing Dr. Dorothy Edwards, the founder of Green Dot, to the Liberty Theater on October 14th, 2014. To learn more about Green Dot and other programs, visit their website,

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