The Benefits Of Filing Your Taxes Early


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) April 15th is a date circled on every tax payers calendar.

That's because the 15th is the deadline in which you must file your tax returns.

But getting your taxes filed before the deadline could mean a much faster return, and less stress in April.

Joey Martin for Idaho's First News takes a look at how getting your taxes done early can be a major benefit.

"A benefit to filing before April 15th is the sooner you file the sooner you get your refund if you are receiving one."
Said Teri Taylor, Manager of Twin Falls Liberty Tax Service.

Teri Taylor is the manager of the twin falls liberty tax service.

She says that filing your taxes before the April 15th deadline will give you a big advantage.

Typically it will take the irs 21 business day for your return.

And if you file on the 15th that wait could be much longer.

"Yeah I would say that's a huge possibility... because they want to be accurate in their double checking also."
Said Taylor.

And what if you owe taxes this year?

"If you owe taxes you want to file before the 15th and get those paid by April 15th so that there are no penalties or interest incurred on those."
Said Taylor.

We took to Facebook to ask viewers if they had taken an active approach and filed their taxes early.

Or plan on waiting until the 15th.

Karen Zimmerman Larson Smith replied.

"I've always done mine early (30+ years). If I'm getting money back, I file right away."

Lacey Swainston Loughmiller said.

"Already done and waiting on the refund. We filed later this year than we usually do. We usually file the first week in February.
She continued, saying...

"I hate being in a rush so that is why we do it early."

And if you're filing your taxes on your own, here are a few tips to help stay in the black.

"For those self filers I think they need to be aware and look out for all of their credits. We provide audit assistance... we can help them in any way if the IRS does audit them."
Said Taylor.

Getting your taxes filed early and hoping for a nice return in the next few weeks.

For more information on liberty tax service and how they can help you file your taxes before April 15th.

Log onto their website at…

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