The Cell Phone Turns The Big 40!


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) The cell phone turned the big 40 today. Four decades ago Motorola employee Marty Cooper made the first mobile phone call. The phone weighed two and half pounds, but over time, phones became smaller and lighter.

"Hello, Mr. Belding. This is Mr. Testaverde. What! What's wrong with me? I got laryngitis and a horrible cough," says Zach Morris, "Saved by the Bell, NBC Productions.

The Zach Morris Cell Phone is as infamous as the popular show, "Saved by the Bell". Generation X watched as Morris used the so–called 'Brick Phone' to scheme his way through school.

Ed Ditlefsen, Web Developer, College of Southern Idaho says, "it's been pretty interesting watching them go from these huge bricks to smaller and smaller and now we're actually seeing them go bigger again, blurring the line between phones and tablets and I find that really interesting."

Former School Resource Officer Ron Kirtland remembers carrying a bag phone while he worked for the sheriff's office.

Kirtland says, "and there were other phones that you would hold up with two hands to your ear to talk to, the reception wasn't that great, but yet it was mobile, it was nice."

But no matter which phone you first possessed ...

Tamara Cullen of Spokane says, "an Ericcson phone back in was very limited. I often had overage charges."

Martin Ehmand of Elko, Nevada adds, "I bought my first cell phone in 1991, it was a Motorola Star–Tac."

Everyone agrees, phones over the years increased in capability and practicality.

Ehmand says, "I went through 8–12 phones to a Motorola Razr to now a Samsung Note 2, which is my brain basically, wherever it goes, I go."

Cullen adds, "I have a smartphone, an i–phone and I use my phone, I don't know how many times a day."

"I think we're starting to see where phones are becoming enough of a commodity that they're developing everything depending on what works best for you," remarks Ditlefsen.

Smartphones do everything but clean the house. Although in the future, who knows, there maybe an app for that.

If you think you paid a lot for your smartphone, the Motorola Dyna-Tac cost a whopping $4,000.

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